Harvest Festival

Pupils at Ellacombe C of E Academy are giving back to their local community in their time of need

The children at Ellacombe C of E Academy, which is part of the Learning Academy Partnership (LAP), have been showcasing their care for their community during the annual Harvest Festival.

Leading up to the Harvest Festival, the children have been bringing in lots of food donations to help those in need. The pupils look forward to the festival each year, as the change in seasons and weather signifies the start of the big event on the Christian calendar.

The plentiful Harvest offerings are being donated to St Mary Magdalene as part of Torbay Food Alliance where they will kindly share the food out equally to those most in need within the community.

 As a Christian faith community school, Ellacombe C of E Academy is always looking for ways to show their value of love to others and giving to their local community is just one of the ways that they do this. The wonderful partnership that the academy has with the local church, St Mary Magdalene, continues to help this happen.

 Additionally, the children wanted to share messages of love, hope and kindness with the recipients of the Harvest donations. In their time of need, people will not only receive food donations but a heartfelt message to go with it, handwritten with care by a child from Ellacombe C of E Academy. The children have said that it makes them happy knowing they are not just helping to feed families, but that their messages also give them a sense of hope.

Evie Semmens, Head of Ellacombe C of E Academy, said: 

“It is wonderful to see our values of love, stewardship and hope demonstrated so clearly through the actions of our children at the Harvest Festival this year. We pride ourselves on being connected with our local community and our children and staff are always enthusiastic about helping out in any way they can.”

Reverend Sam, from Mary Magdelene Church, said:

“It was amazing to join the Ellacombe community again this year. The academy takes every opportunity to show love and look beyond themselves.

 “Even with the challenges faced over the past two years, the academy and church have continued to work together. Caring and loving they have looked outward to support our community.”


Harvest Festival