Being Happy Staying Safe

In our academy family, we want all children to be happy and safe. In our academy, we respect all children and adults and help and help to speak out, be kept safe and to get help when they need it. We do our best to help all children make good progress in their learning. We teach the children how to keep themselves safe in different situations and how to protect themselves.


Safeguarding our children is our number one priority and empowering children to stay safe is an important part of our curriculum for the children. We empower children to understand how to keep themselves safe. We teach children to understand that their body belongs to them and how to tell an adult if they are worried or upset about something.  Here is some recommended reading for parents on positive-parenting The children and staff have worked together to write a child-friendly Safeguarding Policy. We not only display this around the academy but we review it each year through our Family Groups.

Operation Compass

Ellacombe Academy participates in the initiative known as Operation Encompass alongside Devon and Cornwall police.  The main focus is to support children who have been exposed to or involved in a domestic abuse incident.

Every school has at least one key adult who will be notified prior to the start of the next school day that police have attended an incident of Domestic Abuse.

The Key adults in our school are Gemma Williams, Tamsin Corline, Alison Helm and Ellie Andrews.

This timely information sharing  enables appropriate support to be provided for that child so that all interactions and provisions  from when the child first arrives at the school gates, are of a positive nature and to negate any difficulties experienced by children or their families.

Operation Compass Parents Poster

Operation Compass School-to-Parent-letter




Every year our children visit the Life Education Classroom where we explore how to stay healthy and look after ourselves.


We work with the NSPCC through their assembly workshops and their online resources to help children feel empowered to keep themselves safe and who they can talk to. We use the fun materials and resources linked to the Underwear Rule.

NSPCC Speak out Stay Safe, Special Educational Needs

Speak out. Stay safe. materials for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), Additional Support Needs (ASN) and Additional Learning Needs (ALN) schools, units or bases can help your pupils understand what abuse is and provide them with strategies to keep themselves safe.