Frequently Asked Questions

Can we visit the school?

Yes! We are once again to offer tours of the academy outside of school hours. Please contact the academy office on 01803 293040 to book a tour.

Where do we apply for a place at Ellacombe?

To apply for a reception place for September please visit
To apply for a place in year please visit our admissions page Admissions

What’s the closing date for applying for an EYFS place?

15th Jan 2021 or for late applications 3rd May 2021.

When do we hear if we have space? 

Reception admissions allocation day is 16th April 2021, and the council will inform you not the academy. If you are applying for an in year place you will be contacted within a few days of your application being received by the academy office.

Where can we get the uniform from?

Riviera school days or Price and Buckland

Is my child entitled to free school dinners?

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a universal free school meal. Please complete the form in the registration handbook, once you have a confirmed place at Ellacombe to find out if you are entitled to income based free school meals.