Our Christian Ethos

Ellacombe Church of England Academy aims to serve its community, within a Christian Vision, to equip our children with skills to flourish in life, in all its fullness.

We believe that we are all created in the image of God, we are able to open our hearts and allow ourselves to be transformed by him, leaving our positive imprints in others. We believe it is our privilege and duty to responsibly nurture and support our children, community and ourselves, so that together we stride towards a brighter future.

Ellacombe C of E holds dear the Learning Academy Partnership’s and the Church of England’s vision of John 10:10, that every child will flourish, that they will achieve the very best they can fulfilling their dreams and ambitions. Underpinned by the Diocese of Exeter’s vision of Pray, grow and serve with Joy, our vision at Ellacombe is unique to our community. It is forged out of the belief that our pupils, by developing their own character, learning to live well with others can achieve highly and live a fulfilling life.

Drawing upon our deep knowledge of our children, including their wellbeing and mental health, we know that our pupils need to understand themselves so that they can understand how they impact on others. Our vision is that all pupils are empowered to understand the great impact that their footprints have on themselves and others. They take both individual and collective responsibility for their actions and understand the influence they have on those around them. Having joined Ellacombe taking tiny, tentative steps, they leave taking giant strides into the world as successful and positive human beings.