Seagull Scavenger Hunt

Pupils at Ellacombe C of E Academy, which is a part of the Learning Academy Partnership, have taken part in an exciting local artist workshop, that aimed to inspire creativity and community within Torbay.

The Stolen Seagull Scavenger Hunt, or SSSH project, helps to connect local artists with schools across Torbay. The mission promotes creativity and teamwork as the children are able to design their own seagulls and collaborate on a seagull design together.

In the workshop, SSSH helped the children to create their own mono print of a seagull, which the pupils were then able to name.

These exciting workshops form part of a new summer initiative that aims to enrich the lives of children and create a community trail for the pupils to begin in the summer that would include the designed seagulls.

The initiative will support the school in creating long lasting relationships with local artist while also providing creative outlets and new fun summertime’s activities.

The pupils had a fantastic time, the SSSH helped them to tap into their creativity, individuality, and taught them useful artistic skills that they can use in future art projects.

Evie Semmens, Headteacher at Ellacombe C of E Academy said:

“It was lovely to be able to see the pupils have lots of fun and enjoy a creative activity that really brought them together. We are always looking to build great relationships with those in our local community and Torbay has lots of fantastic artists that have helped to inspire the creative side in our pupils”.

“Thank you to Participate Arts for facilitating these amazing workshops and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Seagull Scavenger Hunt